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The above analysis of the changed environment gives an

Inkling of their structural maladjustment with the economy of the

plains, and explains their penurious condition. This

more manifest when a detailed study is made of their social and

economic conditions as revealed by the socio-economic beach-

mark survey of the year, 1991.

I)    The Village :

The hamlet is confined to about 5 acres of land.   Tliere

are four rows of thatched houses.   The               of             Is 61.

Only 48 houses are occupied.

The           are built of                                      roofing.

Every bovse has one living room.   There is a front verandah,

at nights to sleep in. The back-verardah is used for kitchen-cum.

dining purposes. E\ery house has a small back-yard in which a

few vegetables may be grown.

The Gadabas have clean habits. They tidy the surround-

ings twice a day. The walls are plastered with cattle dung. Lime

vthite wash is conspicuous by its absence.

The houses face the North. Every house has a northern

and a southern door* Houses have no windows.

The street is kept clean generally. Litter is removed to

the compost heaps. Every family sweeps the portion of the road

abutting their house and keeps the street clean and tidy.

2)    Electricity :

Electricity has been extended to the village but street

lighting is inadequate. Daly two streets are provided electric lights

al the western end. The village is almost dark as the street lights

are located at one end of the village only. **Oae light for every